I dream of fairy floss hair.

What is my greatest dream in life, something secret, that only those closest to me know?

That I’d love to have candy floss pink hair. Okay, it’s not a deep, dark, juicy secret. It’s barely even interesting. But there you go, I’m a beauty addict, these are the things I think about 24/7.

pastel-hair-2 pastel-hair1

This, this is my dream. Obviously I couldn’t hope to look as beautiful with pink hair as these (literal) supermodels, but I can dream. One day I thought I’d go through with it – I even bought gloves, a hair dye brush, and the pink dye (mostly motivated by the adorable packaging, as you’ll see below) but I chickened out. It’s still sitting in my cupboard, waiting. One day it will happen!


If that’s not the best packaging for any beauty product ever, what is?


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Vampy and shimmery: the kinda makeup Edward Cullen would wear if he were a woman. Pic heavy!

So for my first ever post, I want to show you that, although I have minimal formal training in makeup, I have some skills. Mostly due to the hours I spend watching and reading beauty tutorials online. And if I can achieve this look easily, you definitely can! A statement dark lip like this is something I love, it suits most people and stands out from the crowd. It takes practise, because getting the lipline perfect with this kind of colour takes practise – there’s no room for error! But arm yourself with a good precise lip brush, makeup remover and cotton buds and you’ll be fine. concealer Apply a yellow or peach toned concealer under eyes. I won’t tell you which product I used as it’s not that great, but a good one is Bobbi Brown corrector. You can see I’ve applied some in the inner corner of the eye to brighten up the entire area. Ensure you blend it right down to your nose and across past the end of your brow – no visible lines! Also apply to blemishes and redness, e.g. beside the nose. powder Powder your face: translucent or tinted, with a satin finish. A statement lip generally looks best with a clean matte base: I use powder because I think a dark lip looks more modern with a natural, sheer base. creasecut Super ugly, awkward photo but this shows you how to apply ‘cut crease’ eyeshadow. Apply a mostly-matte vanilla eyeshadow up to the brow bone, then pick up a small amount of taupe shadow to a small fluffy brush and dab at the outer corner of the eye, then blend into the crease of the eyelid. Blend blend blend! No harsh lines! This adds depth to the eye and makes you look all sultry and sexy. Hell yeah! Also blend into the lash line. DSCN0883 Heres the colour I used. Note the base colour (vanilla-y) next to it. Next tightline the upper eyeline. This isn’t fun. You will poke your eye. But, your lashes will look super thick and gorgeous and your eye brighter and more defined. Worth it, right? tightlining That looks fun… said no one ever. tightline: eafter See my lashes look so much thicker on the right eye? That’s tightlining. Apply white shimmer eyeliner (I use one by Vani T mineral cosmetics) on the lower, inner corner to highlight your eye. whiteliner The use liquid liner (I use Peter Thomas Roth’s Lashes To Die For Liquid liner: fun fact, this contain peptides said to boost lash growth. It didn’t work for me, but it shows I’m a marketer’s dream). Also apply a LOT of mascara (I used Chantecaille mascara from Mecca Cosmetica, which also has lash-boosting peptides that didn’t work, but luckily it’s still a kick-ass mascara that lengthens and seperates like a dream and is jet-black. And like $100). Curl your lashes – I use the Kevyn Aucoin curler again from Mecca Cosmetica cos I friggin’ love that place. wingedliner Next, brows! With this look, brows are super important. They balance the strong lip. Plus, everyone loves a Cara Delevigne-esque brow lately. brow1 brow2 The first brow picture shows how to draw a line under the eyebrow, the second shows how to line the top. Focus on a defined arch for this look. Fill in with soft feathery strokes then brush through to avoid harsh lines. I used Hourglass cosmetic’s ‘Arch’ brow sculpting pencil from Mecca Cosmetica in Blonde. This stuff is the shit. highlightapp highlighter Apply highlighter liquid (mine’s from Inika mineral makeup) and blend gently until you look like an angel and killer cheekbones suddenly appear. It looks like I haven’t slept in years – I actually got 10 hours last night. Thanks genetics!

If you need this look to be longlasting, apply a lip primer, then blend a little foundation around the edges of your lips and blend onto your pout. Use a clear lip liner to ensure the colour doesn’t bleed, then carefully apply your chosen colour with a small, precise lip brush. The lipstick I have used it actually quite cheap: it’s from Sportsgirl’s own cosmetics line, and the shade is called ‘Dark Angel’. Once applied blot your lips with a tissue, carefully dust a little translucent powder over the lipstick, then blend on a little more with the lipbrush to ensure the colour not only lasts, but is vibrant and rich. If you wish, add some clear gloss to the centre of your lips. The application won’t last as long with gloss, but dark colours can make lips look smaller and a dab of gloss counteracts this. Mess up your hair (carefully; try a dry shampoo or beach hair spray) and put on a cute punky top. My crescent-moon decorated jmper is from Country Road and is in stores at the moment. It’s a great comfy option when worn with leggings. As pants. Yeah, I just advocated wearing leggings as pants.

finalcloseup final2jumper

In case you’re interested, my hair is the best colour it’s ever been thanks to Parlour Hair salon in Glenelg. I asked for a natural, subtle ombre and I ACTUALLY GOT WHAT I ASKED FOR. At a hairdresser’s. That is rare, my friends! So if you live in Adelaide and want a good experience at a hairdresser’s for once, go there. It’s exxy, but why spend less and have shitty hair, I say. Thanks for reading guys!