I dream of fairy floss hair.

What is my greatest dream in life, something secret, that only those closest to me know?

That I’d love to have candy floss pink hair. Okay, it’s not a deep, dark, juicy secret. It’s barely even interesting. But there you go, I’m a beauty addict, these are the things I think about 24/7.

pastel-hair-2 pastel-hair1

This, this is my dream. Obviously I couldn’t hope to look as beautiful with pink hair as these (literal) supermodels, but I can dream. One day I thought I’d go through with it – I even bought gloves, a hair dye brush, and the pink dye (mostly motivated by the adorable packaging, as you’ll see below) but I chickened out. It’s still sitting in my cupboard, waiting. One day it will happen!


If that’s not the best packaging for any beauty product ever, what is?


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