Not something new: ‘cone free cruelty free hair care routine for damaged, bleached hair! With pics.

My hair is dry, damaged and bleached blah blah blah. I’ve mentioned that. But I do think it’s important to mention when talking about ‘cone free products – it’s much more difficult for a product to make processed hair feel nice when it doesn’t have cones. And it can do this, it means it’s actually doing something good for your hair long term – not just coating it with a plasticky film that makes it temporarily smooth and shiny. So here are the new products I’ve been using and loving:


Left to right: Synergie HaiRepair ‘serum’, Hello Hair hydrating mask, EverEscents Berry Blonde treatment and shampoo.

The Synergie HaiRepair is a lightweight ‘cone free hair oil (they call it a serum) that comes out in a super-fine mist. This is amazing because to have a hair oil that’s cone free but not heavy and greasy is totes amazeballs. It contains wonderful ingredients like argan oil, olive squalene, macadamia oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil. Unfortunately –  as you will see from from the images of my hair below – it is actually a little TOO light for my puffy, frizzy ends, but if you have finer hair or less damaged ends BUY THIS NOW.

Hello Hair hydrating hair mask: while this is one of the few non-certified cruelty free products I use they do state on their website that it is a cruelty free product and since it is just a mix of oils I’m inclined to believe them. It’s up to you if you want to use only accredited cruelty free products but I am a little bit flexible. If you aren’t, just use pure coconut and/or argan from a certified c/f brand instead. Mostly because I love this product – you apply it to dry hair before showering (convenient right) and leave it in (if you are me, while you run on the treadmill for extra scalp heat to make it sink it! Multitasking!). You will need to shampoo twice to get it out so a gentle sulphate free shampoo is important. This brings me to my next prod:

EverEscents berry blonde shampoo. You probably won’t have heard of this brand. It’s ethical as all hell: no sulfates, no cones, no artificial dyes, fragrances, or other things I can’t remember or pronounce. It’s an Australian brand and donates I think 10 cents from each product sale to Camp Quality. Also, this shampoo is super gentle, smells like legit fresh berries (not the fake ‘berry’ smell!) and is a deep purple colour thanks to the inclusion of purple sweet potato and gardenia. The toning effect is very subtle and more cumulative/maintenance; it’s not really noticeable straight away like toning shampoos with dyes and sulfates. If you do need something more toning I would try O&M ‘Conquer blonde’ shampoo. It’s not a certified c/f product but I have rung them and they maintain they are cruelty free. Unfortunately there are no other toning shampoos that are c/f and cone free.

EverEscents berry blonde treatment.This product is a pale lilac colour and very thick, but a beautiful creamy texture. Not greasy! It also smells lovely – less like berries, more of a subtle sweet smell. Yum. I leave this in while I shave etc in the shower. When you wash it out your hair will FEEL LIKE SILK. However I want to bring up something I’ve noticed with ‘cone free prodz:

Your hair will feel nice when you are washing out the product in the shower. As soon as you towel dry your hair, it will look and feel like it is dead beyond belief. It will look and feel frizzy, dull and dry even after you apply a leave-in condish or oil. AS SOON AS it is 100% bone dry however, it will magically transform into smooth, shiny, slippery hair. You won’t have the level of silkiness you get with cones and it will be more tangly, but the shine and body is unbelievable. Case in point:

DSCN0976 hair

You guys, my hair hasn’t looked this nice since the days before I’d bleached and dyed it into oblivion. It looks so much thicker and shinier without cones. (Also I swear the colour looks so much nicer on camera than in real life, but hey, it’s a pleasant surprise). WORTH IT.


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