Super quick post: feather touch tattooing for brows

I had my eyebrows ‘feather-touch tattooed’ on a recent trip to Melbourne. I honestly am too lazy to write much: but here’s the basics:

  • Done by ‘Lux Brows and Lashes’ (formerly affiliated with Amy Jean Eye Couture but she has since become independent; the method is still the same as used by Amy Jean artists). No website currently but you can find her on Instagram under @luxbrowsandlashes_
  • They use numbing cream and you will feel it a little bit, particularly as she goes over the area multiple times, but it is very bearable and like being lightly scraped
  • No water, makeup, cleanser etc on the area for 7-10 days after; just Bepanthen ointment daily
  • You will need an initial treatment and a follow-up 6-8 weeks after as it fades a lot initially
  • You can choose a colour to suit your hair and skin tone
  • Lasts between 2 and 5 years (NOT PERMANENT)

browbeforebrowstattooed  I don’t have great photos but you can see how sparse they look before, and how the shape is more even and filled in after. Honestly it is more natural looking and less ‘done’ than I expected but I did also stress that I wanted them to look fairly natural so she does listen to you! Now they look better without makeup, and literally require two strokes of an eyebrow pencil to look perfect. I probably wouldn’t have it done again just because it isn’t too noticeable and is super expensive (almost $900!) but I have wanted to try it for ages.


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