Clear Skincare Clinics My SGA Treatment – for acne

A few weeks ago I had the My SGA Treatment done at a Clear Skincare clinic near me. This treatment is for acne – essentially the idea is that it removes over-active or malfunctioning sebaceous (oil) glands that cause reoccurring breakouts. From what I understood during my treatment, a small needle is inserted into the gland and heat (I think?) is used to ‘kill off’ the gland. They then extract the glands, which look like little whiteheads, with a special tool the Clinics sell called the ‘Easy Squeeze’, which they also have you purchase as you will get little whitehead-like bumps later at the sites that are treated – these are the oil glands that have been killed off during the treatment coming to the surface.

The treatment is not comfortable – it is exactly like lightly stabbing your face multiple times with a needle. I had very few breakouts at the time so I did not have many areas treated – if you have moderate to severe acne more areas will be treated and it will be more painful overall. My therapist also removed some milia on my chin and blackheads around my nose (the nose area hurts so much!)

Afterwards, your face is so red and blotchy, and you will have scabs on the treated areas. The blotchiness lasts hours, and the scabs last around two weeks. If you are prone to pigmentation you may also have the usual post-acne marks like I do. See photos below. Do not plan to go anywhere other than home for at least a day after the treatment, and you will be very unsightly for at least a week! I cannot stress that the idea of this treatment is long term results. You will look terrible for a while immediately afterwards. You will probably think ‘What have I done to myself?!’ like I did.


Prior to treatment - only minor blemish on chin and some pigmentation, blackheads around nose

Prior to treatment – only minor blemish on chin and some pigmentation, blackheads around nose



Post-treatment (next day): scabbing, especially around nose.

IMG_2591 IMG_2592 IMG_2607


IMG_2763 IMG_2762

Around 6 weeks after treatment - minor pigmentation, no breakouts. Minor booger up nose.

Around 6 weeks after treatment – minor pigmentation, no breakouts. Minor booger up nose.

This is not cheap. They suggest multiple treatments (I have only had one, but will go back periodically when I experience breakouts). You can sign up for their Skin Gym plans (heaven knows they will try to force you into doing so) and have monthly treatments for a fixed amount of time for a reduced overall price. If you get the SGA Treatment on its own as a one-off treatment it’s $229 I believe. My only problem with the treatment was not the procedure itself, but the service of the clinic I attended. During the initial consultation for the My SGA treatment,  I was told I ‘needed’ various products and treatments as well as the SGA treatment – pushy, but expected. However, after the consultation I went to the counter to pay for the SGA treatment that I was there for, and the therapist had lined up the various products on the counter – she then said to the receptionist ‘And she’ll be taking these products.’ She did not ask if I was interested in purchasing them, or which I would like, none of that. They were just going to charge me for them with no agreement on my part. I refused. I was then told I ‘needed’ these products after the SGA treatment – if that’s true, why was that never mentioned in the consultation? If there is an extra cost of a product that you apparently must buy to go with the treatment, it shouldn’t be sprung on you afterwards. RUDE. Again I said no, and they said I would ‘at least’ need to buy the Easy Squeeze, which I did. They then tried to push me into spending around $1000 on a 12-month treatment plan. After that I got the hell out of there as soon as possible and haven’t been back since. I was also told I would need strong peels and microdermabrasion, all unsuitable for  my rosacea and eczema prone skin. There is another clinic near me offering the treatment and I will go to them next time.

Speaking of eczema, mine flared up terribly for a week after the treatment, which may have been due to the antibacterial alcohol solution they use on your skin after the treatment.

On the plus side, I haven’t had any breakouts since the treatment, though my breakouts are usually periodic/random anyway so we’ll see. My blackheads and milia are better though not entirely erased. I’m sure with more treatments they would improve drastically. The only real downside apart from the pushy service tactics is the pigmentation, but I believe the marks left by the treatment are lighter than those I get from actual acne breakouts, and are healing more quickly.


-short treatment: takes around 15 minutes
-seems like there are long-term results, esp. with multiple treatments
-target multiple concerns: milia, acne, blackheads

-bad service
-pigmentation if prone to it
-can irritate sensitive skin (mostly due to alcohol solution applied after)

If you have minor acne I would stick to other treatments like peels and extractions and good, effective home skincare. If you have troublesome acne prone skin I would definitely consider this, but you would need multiple treatments. I’m not sure how well this would work for hormonal acne as that it caused largely by hormones as opposed to over-active or malfunctioning oil glands, I would imagine.


Super quick post: feather touch tattooing for brows

I had my eyebrows ‘feather-touch tattooed’ on a recent trip to Melbourne. I honestly am too lazy to write much: but here’s the basics:

  • Done by ‘Lux Brows and Lashes’ (formerly affiliated with Amy Jean Eye Couture but she has since become independent; the method is still the same as used by Amy Jean artists). No website currently but you can find her on Instagram under @luxbrowsandlashes_
  • They use numbing cream and you will feel it a little bit, particularly as she goes over the area multiple times, but it is very bearable and like being lightly scraped
  • No water, makeup, cleanser etc on the area for 7-10 days after; just Bepanthen ointment daily
  • You will need an initial treatment and a follow-up 6-8 weeks after as it fades a lot initially
  • You can choose a colour to suit your hair and skin tone
  • Lasts between 2 and 5 years (NOT PERMANENT)

browbeforebrowstattooed  I don’t have great photos but you can see how sparse they look before, and how the shape is more even and filled in after. Honestly it is more natural looking and less ‘done’ than I expected but I did also stress that I wanted them to look fairly natural so she does listen to you! Now they look better without makeup, and literally require two strokes of an eyebrow pencil to look perfect. I probably wouldn’t have it done again just because it isn’t too noticeable and is super expensive (almost $900!) but I have wanted to try it for ages.

Not something new: ‘cone free cruelty free hair care routine for damaged, bleached hair! With pics.

My hair is dry, damaged and bleached blah blah blah. I’ve mentioned that. But I do think it’s important to mention when talking about ‘cone free products – it’s much more difficult for a product to make processed hair feel nice when it doesn’t have cones. And it can do this, it means it’s actually doing something good for your hair long term – not just coating it with a plasticky film that makes it temporarily smooth and shiny. So here are the new products I’ve been using and loving:


Left to right: Synergie HaiRepair ‘serum’, Hello Hair hydrating mask, EverEscents Berry Blonde treatment and shampoo.

The Synergie HaiRepair is a lightweight ‘cone free hair oil (they call it a serum) that comes out in a super-fine mist. This is amazing because to have a hair oil that’s cone free but not heavy and greasy is totes amazeballs. It contains wonderful ingredients like argan oil, olive squalene, macadamia oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil. Unfortunately –  as you will see from from the images of my hair below – it is actually a little TOO light for my puffy, frizzy ends, but if you have finer hair or less damaged ends BUY THIS NOW.

Hello Hair hydrating hair mask: while this is one of the few non-certified cruelty free products I use they do state on their website that it is a cruelty free product and since it is just a mix of oils I’m inclined to believe them. It’s up to you if you want to use only accredited cruelty free products but I am a little bit flexible. If you aren’t, just use pure coconut and/or argan from a certified c/f brand instead. Mostly because I love this product – you apply it to dry hair before showering (convenient right) and leave it in (if you are me, while you run on the treadmill for extra scalp heat to make it sink it! Multitasking!). You will need to shampoo twice to get it out so a gentle sulphate free shampoo is important. This brings me to my next prod:

EverEscents berry blonde shampoo. You probably won’t have heard of this brand. It’s ethical as all hell: no sulfates, no cones, no artificial dyes, fragrances, or other things I can’t remember or pronounce. It’s an Australian brand and donates I think 10 cents from each product sale to Camp Quality. Also, this shampoo is super gentle, smells like legit fresh berries (not the fake ‘berry’ smell!) and is a deep purple colour thanks to the inclusion of purple sweet potato and gardenia. The toning effect is very subtle and more cumulative/maintenance; it’s not really noticeable straight away like toning shampoos with dyes and sulfates. If you do need something more toning I would try O&M ‘Conquer blonde’ shampoo. It’s not a certified c/f product but I have rung them and they maintain they are cruelty free. Unfortunately there are no other toning shampoos that are c/f and cone free.

EverEscents berry blonde treatment.This product is a pale lilac colour and very thick, but a beautiful creamy texture. Not greasy! It also smells lovely – less like berries, more of a subtle sweet smell. Yum. I leave this in while I shave etc in the shower. When you wash it out your hair will FEEL LIKE SILK. However I want to bring up something I’ve noticed with ‘cone free prodz:

Your hair will feel nice when you are washing out the product in the shower. As soon as you towel dry your hair, it will look and feel like it is dead beyond belief. It will look and feel frizzy, dull and dry even after you apply a leave-in condish or oil. AS SOON AS it is 100% bone dry however, it will magically transform into smooth, shiny, slippery hair. You won’t have the level of silkiness you get with cones and it will be more tangly, but the shine and body is unbelievable. Case in point:

DSCN0976 hair

You guys, my hair hasn’t looked this nice since the days before I’d bleached and dyed it into oblivion. It looks so much thicker and shinier without cones. (Also I swear the colour looks so much nicer on camera than in real life, but hey, it’s a pleasant surprise). WORTH IT.

Something different: a Lazy Luxe fashion post

I recently discovered the online store and I loved the clothes so much I paid international postage to have some items sent to me in Australia! They have an awesome range of modern bohemian clothes which I love at the moment. Here are a few items I bought and how I’m wearing them:


This jumper by Line and Dot (?) was on sale, so it was super cheap. About $30ish. I bought it in a size medium because small had sold out, it’s a tiny bit big but it just looks oversized and is really cozy. The first time I wore it out of the house someone asked where it was from! The jeans are by Le Frame denim. I love them but I bought them a few months ago before I put on a bit of weight and they’re pretty tight now. I love them though so I squeeze into them anyway *blush* they’re so soft!


This dress is so cool (sorry for the messy background! I don’t have a good set-up yet). Its like a sheer beige knit with a high-low hem and a cotton slip. It fits so perfectly, it sits nicely without being too tight or showy. I’ve worn it with a MinkPink gold-studded belt, black faux suede Betts boots and this gorgeous Samantha Wills necklace, which I also bought online recently:


The stone is peachy-pink on one side and mottled green/blue on the other so you can wear it two different ways. It also comes in a carved wooden box with a black velvety pouch. It was definitely a tad expensive but so so so worth it!

mumuI also bought these ‘Simmons’ shorts in the Indiana print by Show Me Your Mumu. Love the brand name! I wish I was as tanned as the model but meh. I can be bohemian and pale haha. These are a great fit as well, I bought a size up so they would sit lower on my hips.

Also the shipping wasn’t too expensive and took less than two weeks! I also got a cute hand written note with my package. Unfortunately I bought a fourth item which didn’t fit but still, I think I did well!

As promised! Reviews and recommendations: cruelty-free, silicone-free, quality (NOT HIPPY) products!

Let me pre-face this by saying: this blog post (and ultimately this blog) will not be about hippy dippy products. I colour my hair, highlight it, have had extensions in the past; I am not one for natural hair. I can’t use any old hair prods and expect silky soft tresses. My hair is DAMAGED (but, you know, a really nice colour). Often the search for cruelty-free and/or silicone-free products leads me to what I refer to as ‘health-food shop type’ brands, which are great for virgin hair that has not been chemically tortured, but I can’t wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar as is the online DIY trend and expect good results. I need (and want) salon quality, high-tech ingredients, and in most cases nice packaging. I’m superficial and if I’m spending $30 on a conditioner I want it to look damn good on my bathroom cupboard (incidentally my experience with a homemade olive oil and egg hair mask left me with cooked-egg-covered, matted hair, which has turned me off DIY attempts).


First off, a piccy of the products I will review:

Yarok ‘Feed Your Volume’ shampoo and conditioner:
This are my least favourite of the above products. I read online reviews before purchasing and was assured you would get great, super-soft results. After using the shampoo, however, my hair had that horrible squeaky-clean feeling after use which to me means that hair has been stripped of moisture. To be fair, the idea behind this is probably to remove any oily residue from roots which would give volume, but my hair was as flat as ever and now felt dry to boot. The conditioner, to be honest, was fine. I like that it includes macadamia nut oil and it smelt lovely in a smoky, musky way. My hair felt nice-ish after, but certainly the results weren’t worth the price ($17 for the travel size, which I bought, $35 for the full size). I do like that Yarok products are vegan and cruelty free, and say so right on the front of their product packaging, but I wouldn’t repurchase. If however you have fine and/or oily hair that is not damaged or dry at all I would give these a go as they would suit this hair type much better. Bought from

John Masters ‘Scalp’ spearmint and meadow sweet scalp stimulating shampoo:
This is one of those new-fangled, trendy hair prods designed to stimulate hair growth. The spearmint and meadow sweet purify the scalp and encourage blood flow to follicles to induce, and create a ‘clean canvas’ for, hair growth. I am growing my hair out and was instantly won over by the promise of hair growth. I haven’t this product long enough to comment on that claim, but this product is FANTASTIC. Leave it for 30-60 seconds and you get a wonderful clean, fresh, tingling peppermint-y feeling and your hair feels clean, but not in the stripped way of the Yarok shampoo. Your scalp practically feels glowing. Its gentle enough for my damaged hair and leaves it soft. Other key ingredients: eucalyptus oil removes bacteria and is anti-inflammatory, zinc reduces irritation and protects the scalp and soy protein strengthens hair follicles. Purchased from

John Masters ‘Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor’:
I like this because it sounds like a high-tech salon product, despite being cruelty-and silicone free. The ingredients include honey to moisturize, hibiscus to add shine and maintain a healthy scalp, linolenic, hyaluronic and wheat amino acids to repair and smooth the hair shaft and soy protein to strengthen hair follicles and make hair thicker. The very exotic sounding cupuacu butter is also very moisturizing and lends a rich, creamy consistency to the product. This product, despite the name, doesn’t smell as amazing as I expected, but made my hair feel instantly and noticeably smoother, softer and less frizzy. My hair felt much healthier after washing, was easier to comb, and surprisingly had more volume than usual (due to the lack of silicones). It was shinier, and the effects lasted AFTER my hair dried until I next wash it. This is the sign of a truly good silicone-free product. Silicones in normal products coat the hair and make it feel smoother and less damaged, but only because you essentially have a plasticky layer on your hair shaft. Over time the ‘cones build up and moisturizing ingredients can no longer penetrate the hair shaft, ultimately causing drier and more damaged hair. If a silicone-free product makes your hair feel softer and smoother it is actually improving your hair condition rather than masking damage. They will not have the same silky ‘slip’ that ‘coney products have, but are much much better for your hair long term. I will be repurchasing this product, and reccomend it for dry and slightly to moderately damaged hair (truly damaged hair will benefit from this product’s use long-term, but if your hair is genuinely damaged beyond repair, i.e. due to bleach damage, a silicone free product will not be able to improve the condition. This type of hair may actually need ‘cones until it grows out, imo). Purchased from

Kevin Murphy ‘Angel’ wash and rinse:These products, like Yarok and unlike John Masters, have a cruelty-free logo on the packaging, which I like. John Masters is certainly cruelty-free and do not test their ingredients or products on animals, but their packaging does not state this; it requires website-FAQ research. It doesn’t really make a difference but I prefer the packaging to have some assurance of being cruelty-free. Neither the products, nor the Kevin Murphy website, claims these products to be silicone-free, so please correct me if I am actually wrong, but I spent a few gruelling afternoons researching ‘cones and their many nom-de-plumes, and can’t find any in the ingredient lists, but I’m not an expert. I also believe this is an Australian brand, but again I’m certain. The brand is however used in many, many salons, which is a testament to its quality, and is generally only able to be purchased from a salon or specialty-hair product store like Hairhouse Warehouse. I love the pretty pink packaging and the ‘Angel’ name because I’m a sucker for a pretty product, and both smell amazing (the conditioner in particular has a very sweet, orange-y cupcake scent). Both are designed for dry, coloured, fine hair, and promise to moisturize and volumize. The ‘wash’ or shampoo comes out a beautiful pale lavender colour and lathers into a marshmallow-like foam, despite being sulphate and paraben-free and very gentle. It leaves hair feeling soft and smooth, but clean. The conditioner, OH MY GOODNESS I love it!!! Despite the ‘rinse’ name it is thick and luxurious in texture, and on the hair has this amazing silky texture. Your fingers literally glide through your hair when you rinse it out. I find it works best when I leave it for 15-30 minutes in the bath, like a hair mask. My hair feels very soft and smooth after use of these products, but I will mention that the softness fades a little after a few days post-wash. I don’t think this is really a negative point though, as I pointed out earlier my hair is damaged and these products don’t ‘mask’ that, but improve the health of hair over time. I would happily repurchase these products, though not from the salon where I originally bought them as the owner who served me was so rude. Therefore I will not name the salon.

John Masters Green Tea and Calendula conditioning mist:
This product is used after washing and towel-drying hair, and is essentially like a detangler or very light leave-in conditioner. It has a sort of light herbal, floral smell, and comes out in a very fine mist. I use this before a leave-in serum or oil to detangle, because I use the oil only on my dry ends, and still need something to moisturize and manage the upper part of my hair. This works very well and allows to comb my hair after washing where it would normally be very tangled and knotty. If you have oily or fine hair you could use this alone, but I like to follow with an oil or serum. Purchased from

The Body Shop ‘Shea Beautifying Oil’:
This product is designed to be used all over the body as well as the hair, but I prefer not to feel like a slippery snake after a shower. It is however a very light ‘dry’ oil that is great for moisturizing hair without leaving it greasy. It has a very liquid-y, fluid texture, which is unusual for a hair oil that does not contain silicones. It has a perfume-y sweet smell which is artificial, but I’m fine with that because my hair smells like caramel after using this. It makes my hair softer and SO SHINY. I’m finding it a little light for my bleached ends, but for finer or less damaged hair this would be an amazing product for shine and softness without weighing hair down.
Bought from the Body Shop store.

While I like silicone free products, I am interested in trying some with water-soluble ‘cones. These wash out with water and do not cause build-up at all, while acting essentially like a normal silicone (find more info here: Cruelty-free prods with water soluble ‘cones are Paul Mitchell The Detangler and I believe The Conditioner (leave-in) and The Body Shop Brazil Nut define and no-frizz hair cream. I haven’t tried these though so I can’t review them yet!

UP NEXT: my amaze-balls experience with an online vegan beauty product store!!!

Quick outfit post! Black lace shorts and Blobfish problems

This actually is an outfit from a while ago – it’s what I wore to dinner with the boyf on Valentine’s Day. I found it on my computer though and thought I’d post it because I need some new content! Cropped out my face because I am hideously unphotogenic in candid shots. I know everyone says that about themselves but really, take a spontaneous shot and I’ll come out looking like the blobfish.


But seriously here’s the pic.

Jumper from Witchery in stores now, Shorts from Keepsake bought recently from the Birdcage Boutique on Rundle St, boots from Dotti bought a few months ago, necklace was a gift from my gran a few years ago and ring – barely visible – by Samanatha Willis from Sooki boutique. Blobby thigh muscles from riding the exercise bike indoors because I hate outdoor exercise and gyms. I hate the look of that muscle right above my knee   -_-  does anyone else have that problem?